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Digital photography has been a breath of fresh air for most photographers. Photographers now have the added advantage of instantly viewing their images on site. This is a massive boost for digital photographers and having the option of editing them in your own digital darkroom is certainly a great source of joy.

The following are digital photography tips aimed at improving your digital knowledge, these tips are not aimed at improving your photography.

Shoot with the camera set at RAW. Correctly processed RAW images are sharper and contain more truthful colours. The extra information stored when shooting raw will give your image more detail - leaving you more room to experiment in your digital darkroom.

Shoot your image at the lowest ISO setting possible. This will ensure that the quality of your images will be greater and sharper.

Save your digital images to TIFF. TIFF stands for Tag Image File Format and is the best choice for images that are going to be reproduced as prints. A TIFF image can be changed to JPEG or any other format later.

With digital photography filters can be applied using Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop supplies software for image manipulation and cater for all photographers. They build software packages for the amateur photographer right up to the experienced professional digital photographer.

Digital photography is ideal for macro photography. The digital SLR allows you to get close enough with a zoom lens to create attractive macro images. If you are really serious about macro photography, buy a macro lens - this will give you sharper images using a small aperture number.

Once you have taken an image with a digital camera check the exposure by using the camerasí histogram. This function will show you if the exposure is spot on. If the balance between highlights and shadows are evenly distributed between the two the exposure should be ok.

Most digital cameras have auto functions - donít depend too much on these. The camera can be fooled with harsh or low light. Become familiar with the camera settings - this will give you total control, and allow you to become more creative with your digital SLR.

Accessories used with digital photography are the same as film photography - additional camera gear that youíll need are extra batteries and memory cards.

If you intend to shoot professional portrait images with your digital camera you should consider buying a good portrait lens. The standard lens that you get with your digital camera will reduce the light that reaches the camera sensors.

One of the greatest aspects of digital photography is the ability to see your images once they are taken. You have the option of taking new images at different angles and deleting images that are poor. Digital photography is not an excuse to get lazy and the same care and attention should be taken at all stages. Digital photography gives the photographer a licence to become more creative.

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